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Ballast Blaster Undercutter for Loader Backhoes and Hydraulic Excavators

Dymax Rail Ballast Undercutter

The Dymax Rail Ballast Blaster Undercutter is the best solution for cleaning fouled ballast. Available in excavator and backhoe loader models, these attachments remove contaminated ballast rock from beneath the tracks fast. Ballast Blaster Undercutters are job-matched to the machine and deliver the efficient, high performance. They typically achieve 20 to 50 meter per hour (65 to 165 feet per hour) cutting rates, depending on the model and track conditions.

Patented Dymax Rail Ballast Blaster Undercutters (US Patent 8904676) outperform all other methods for ballast removal. The Ballast Blaster is the easy to maintain and safest to operate. It exceeds the productivity and durability of every other brand of undercutter. Get the work done within limited track time!

All Dymax Ballast Blasters feature replaceable wear plates that are armored with RokGäard™ carbide protection. The carbide encompasses both sides of the wear plate, and doesn't chip like competing products. Ballast blaster wear plates can be easily maintained in the field.

The auto-adjusting chain, available on certain models, dramatically reduces chain wear to save you money, increase safety and reduce downtime. The automatic chain adjustment system delivers the correct amount of tension throughout the cutting cycle. Never stop to manually tighten your chain, eliminate risk of injury and improve wear part life to the sprockets and cutting chains. The Dymax Rail Ballast Blaster chain also cuts in both directions- both forward and reverse. Bi-directional cutting action at the flip of a switch means more uptime, and more feet-per-hour track time maintenance.

The Dymax Rail Ballast Blaster features full 360° continuous rotation. This option gives operators the flexibility of working from either side of the tracks. It also allows for easy management of spoil piles. Dymax Rail Ballast Blasters are also available to fit tilt-rotator coupler systems.

Ballast Blasters are designed to the standard, stock machine. No costly hydraulic modifications required! These undercutters require, at most, two hydraulic circuits unless fitting a tilt rotator coupler system. (The electro-hydraulic valve package only requires the use of a 24v electric service cable connected to a switch in the cable.)

The Spoilmaster™ can be added to the 10 foot, 12 foot, and 15 foot Ballast Blasters. Spoilmaster™ requires an additional hydraulic circuit with case drain, which requires minimal oil flow and pressure. It does not require high cost adaptive hydraulic power units to be added to the machine, and works with standard excavator hydraulics that can easily be removed when not needed. It's spoil management simplified. Contact Dymax Rail for hydraulic information to see if Spoilmaster™ will work on your specific machine size.



Model Description Oil Flow Required Cutting Chain GPM (LPM) Oil Pressure Required Chain PSI (bar) Chain
Rotation Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)
Backhoe Loader Models
DX-UC-BB-6ft-BL Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 6 ft. Cutting Length - Backhoe Loader - Class 10 24 (90) 3,500-4,000 (241-270) Mechanical 360° 1,500 680
DX-UC-BB-7ft-BL Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 7 ft. Cutting Length - Backhoe Loader - Class 10 24 (90) 3,500-4,000 (241-270) Mechanical 360° 1,850 839
DX-UC-BB-8ft-BL Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 8 ft. Cutting Length - Backhoe Loader - Class 20 24 (90) 3,500-4,000 (241-270) Mechanical 360° 2,000 907
Excavator Models
DX-UC-BB-8ft-HX Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 8 ft. Cutting Length - Hydraulic Excavator - 8T 22-24
3,500-4,000 (241-270) Mechanical 360° 2,000 907
DX-UC-BB-8ftHD-HX Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 8 ft. Cutting Length-HD - Hydraulic Excavator - 11-15T 34-36 (127-135) 4,200 (290) Hydraulic 360° 4,000 1,814
DX-UC-BB-10ft-HX Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 10 ft. Cutting Length - Hydraulic Excavator - 12-25T 36 (135) 4,200 (290) Hydraulic 360° 5,500 2,177
DX-UC-BB-12ft-HX Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 12 ft. Cutting Length - Hydraulic Excavator - 20-30T 36-40 (135-150) 4,200 (290) Hydraulic 360° 5,800 2,751
DX-UC-BB-15ft-HX Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 15 ft. cutting length - Hydraulic Excavator - 25-30T 45-50 (170-180) 4,200 (290) Hydraulic 360° 6,800 3,084
DX-UC-SMS-HX SpoilMaster™ Attachment - Ballast Blaster - Requires min of 20T excavator 10 (38) 3,000 (207) Mechanical - 960 435
Excavator Models for Tilt Rotators
DX-UC-BB-10ft.TRQ-HX Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 10 ft. cutting length - Tilt Rotator - Hydraulic Excavator - 12-25T 36 (135) 4,200 (290) Hydraulic Tilt Rotator 2,500 1,134
DX-UC-BB-12ft.TRQ-HX Undercutter - Ballast Blaster - 12 ft. cutting length - Tilt Rotator - Hydraulic Excavator - 16-25T 36-40 (135-150) 4,200 (290) Hydraulic Tilt Rotator 3,200 1,452
  Note: You may require an additional high pressure, high flow rotary manifold in your tilt-rotator. Contact your local tilt rotator service provider to investigate options if you want to have full rotation ability.


Hydraulic Circuit Basic Requirements
Motor Circuit (All Models) All Dymax Rail Ballast Blasters regardless of model require a high pressure, high flow circuit with case drain to operate the cutting chain drive motor. The chain drive requires bi-directional oil control for operating in forward or reverse directions. For models working with tilt rotator (TR)  systems this is the only circuit required for operation.
Rotation Gear Circuit (not applicable on tilt rotator models)

All Dymax Rail DTR 360° undercutter  systems require a secondary circuit with medium pressure lines. This system needs to be operated in both directions forward/reverse and must be setup with valve logic in the following configuration.

1. AB to T logic

2. Open center valve design.

Bar Tilt Circuit (not applicable on tilt rotator models) Dymax Rail provides an electro-hydraulic diverter valve on every 360° model. A basic wiring kit is provided and requires a power cable to be routed to the stick from a switch in the cab. This system diverts oil flow from the rotate circuit to operate the bar tilt control.
Hydraulic Kits Available Dymax Rail can offer a complete or partial hydraulic kit to operate the Dymax Ballast Blaster 360° undercutter with excavators and backhoe loaders. Each kit is tailored to the specific machine and series and a serial number is required at time of request.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Patented undercutter (US Patent 8904676).
  • Blaster chain with bi-directional cutting teeth. Auto-adjusting cutting chain available on some models.
  • RokGäard™ carbide protection on replaceable wear plates.
  • Simple hydraulic requirements designed to the standard, stock machine. No costly modifications.
  • Storage stand and lockouts for transport.
  • Available in 6 to 15 foot cutting lengths to fit any application.
  • Cuts 20 - 50 meters per hour, depending upon operator skill and operating conditions.


15' Ballast Blaster on Excavator 15' Ballast Blaster
15' Dymax Undercutter 12' Undercutter with Spoilmaster and MudFlaps
12' Ballast Blaster in Action 12' Ballast Blaster at Railway
12' Undercutter Cleaning Ballast 12' Dymax Rail Ballast Blaster
Dymax Spoilmaster™ attachment Undercutter for backhoe loader
10' Ballast Blaster Undercutter 8' Ballast Blaster Undercutter
10' Ballast Blaster in Action 10' Ballast Blaster at Rail Site



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Ballast Blaster Undercutter work with most Loader Backhoes and Hydraulic Excavators, made by Bobcat, Case, Caterpillar (Catepillar, Cat), Daewoo, Doosan, Dresser, Fiatallis, Fiat Hitachi, Furukawa, Gehl, Gradall, Hitachi, Hyundai, JCB, John Deere, Kobelco, Komatsu, Kubota, Liebherr, Link-Belt, Mustang, New Holland, Samsung, Schaeff, Sumitomo, Takeuchi, Terex, Volvo and Zeppelin

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