Heavy-Duty Brushcutter Conquers Tough Jobs With Ease

When limbs, brush and debris clog up the ditches and waterways of Missouri, the state Department of Conservation brings out its secret weapon – the hard-hitting Dymax VortexMax Brushcutter. 

With its long reach and powerful cutting edge, this rugged excavator attachment quickly clears the overgrowth.

“We need to get all the way to the bottom to keep the sides of levees looking good and manageable,” said J. Brittain, a heavy equipment operator at the Missouri Department of Conservation. “The Dymax brushcutter has a long reach and is doing a good job – we can take out trees up to 6 inches wide.”

The VortexMax comes with premium brush cutter blades for sharper cuts. With a 750 flywheel and 3 AR400 blades, it destroys small trees and brush in no time.

“The cutting edge is quite heavy,” said Brittain. “We can put it through some punishment.” 


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