Durable Dymax Bucket Lasts 23 Years

Dairy Farm Testimonial – Dymax Pushout Bucket

Dymax HPX21 Tree Shear on Rail in Arkansas

Dymax Hi Performance Excavator Tree Shears are used by many of the top contractors in North America and around the world.  They are ideal for maintaining the right of way found alongside electric power utility lines, railways and roadsides.  A Dymax HPX21 can be seen here operating in Arkansas helping a railroad open up tree canopies and clear-cut vegetation away from the railway tracks.  The benefits of operating a Dymax Shear reduces possible sparks and associated fire risk compared to operating drum or rotary mulchers.   A Dymax tree shear provides faster clearing of larger trees but features lower impact.   A dual knife pinches and cuts the tree while grapple arms secure the tree above.  Operators can then easily place the sheared material into collective piles to further buck and chop to length.  Start cutting today with Dymax Tree Shears and cut your maintenance.

Dymax Semi-U Dozer Blades for Track Type Tractors

Dymax Semi U Dozer Blades for Track and Wheel Tractors provide long lasting performance and durability.  We build them like grandpa taught us.  Knowledge that runs generations deep.

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2020 Recap!

2020 Recap! What a year that was??? Let’s keep moving forward. Sky’s the limit!

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Dymax Rotating Stone Grapple

Still Made by Hand

After 145 years and 5 generations


After 145 years and 5 generations, Dymax was born amidst the values and beliefs of the Balderson family. It’s a name that has long stood for quality, integrity and service. It remains the purpose that drives the Balderson family today.