2020 Recap!

2020 Recap! What a year that was??? Let’s keep moving forward. Sky’s the limit!

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Dymax Rotating Stone Grapple

Still Made by Hand

After 145 years and 5 generations


After 145 years and 5 generations, Dymax was born amidst the values and beliefs of the Balderson family. It’s a name that has long stood for quality, integrity and service. It remains the purpose that drives the Balderson family today.

Let it Snow!

The Dymax HPX Tree Shear out performs all other shears, even in the snow!

Here is our Regional Sales Manager, Beau Huscher, checking out snowy conditions in Iowa and how the HPX Shear performs beyond expectations!

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Brand new Dymax Bunk Sweeps are in a row and ready to go…. So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Give us a call, we can ship one to you asap!

Winter Work

Our videographer, Don Kang, and Regional Sales Manager, Beau Huscher, just got back from a road trip through the Midwest. One stop was at Plymouth Dairy Farms in Iowa. Thanks to the terrific people at the dairy, they experienced the Dymax Pushout Bucket getting the job done in snowy conditions.

Discover this award-winning bucket athttps://dymaxinc.com/attachments/pushout-buckets/


I need new edges for my bucket!!!

Do you need new edges for your Dymax Bucket?

After many years of your Dymax Bucket getting the job done, your edges may need some attention. So, give us a call, we sell replacement edges.

We also have DYMAX PARTS MANUALS available for each Dymax Work Tool.

Ask for Shawn at 785-456-2081, he will make sure you get the right edges ordered for your Dymax Bucket.


Prehistoric Beast

The Dymax Limb Shear looks like a prehistoric beast destroying branches in its way. This limb shear does exactly that, easily removes branches quickly and accurately that are in the way!
Gets the job done