International Financing

DYMAX INC. International Credit Program

DYMAX Inc. partners with the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) to insure purchases for companies
outside the United States. This allows us to sell to you on open credit terms.

Credit Benefits:

Bypass a 30% down payment when you place your DYMAX purchase. Our Ex-Im partnership allows terms of up to 90 days or more based on approval.

It’s more time to sell without any initial cost to you.

The biggest benefit is that the application process is NO COST to you and hassle-free.
All we need from you is your legal company information.

Hassle-free, No Application Fees:

Simply provide your legal company information and DYMAX will do the rest at no cost to you.
If approved, Ex-Im will keep your line of credit open on all purchases with DYMAX.
Everything is confidential. Your financial information is NOT revealed to DYMAX.

Here’s How:

To get started, fill out our Online Application or email A member of the DYMAX team will contact you following the Ex-Im credit review to get started on giving you the DYMAX products you need.

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