Skid Steers.

Originally thought of as a utility machine, skid steer loaders have moved up and out to fill an important niche in the world of heavy equipment. Dymax pioneered the use of tree shears on skid steer loaders across the Great Plains in the fight against cedar encroachment. As machines got bigger, Dymax Tree Shears got bigger and better too. One can now find them throughout the USA on various Forest Service sites, working in fire mitigation and removal of trees dying from pine beetle infestations.

But Dymax also offers other specialty attachments for skid steer loaders. These flexible, nimble machines are perfect for operating around conveyor belts with the Dymax Conveyor Belt Cleaning Buckets keeping spillover from getting out of hand. And in recent years the famous Dymax Roll-Out Buckets have been adapted to skid steer loaders for snow removal in parking lots with a dump clearance that works with trucks removing the snow.