Steep Incline Dymax Blade Match of the Year!

U-Blade vs the Bowldozer Blade

LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Good day and welcome to this afternoon’s match which promises to be a classic in every sense of the word. In the black corner, weighing in at 11000 lbs. and is the undisputed Bowldozer Blade….. and in the yellow corner weighing in at 8500 lbs. is the U-Blade…….

The bowldozer will have an additional challenge as he pushes up steeper hills due to his weight. Sudden inclines are suited better for a U-Blade. So, in the match, the U-blade has the advantage as they both procure a sharp incline. Can the Bowldozer Blade push through?

The Bowldozer, has been ideal for Slot Dozing in reclamation applications. In the past these blades found their way into coal piles and chip piles. They have been known to operate like a Chip Scoop type of product for wheeled machines.

I want a good clean match you two. Good luck to you both.

(bell rings)

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