Visiting New Heights Dairy in Rice, Minnesota

Recently, we spoke to the owner, Brent Czeck, of New Heights Dairy in Rice, Minnesota.  Here are some of his thoughts concerning the DYMAX PUSHOUT BUCKETS.

  • Feed overages went from $9250 to $2000 monthly.
  • Was worried about initial investment of the pushout bucket, but it paid for itself after 3 months.
  • Worried about operator not liking the pushout bucket, but now he prefers it.
  • Cycle times have decreased, which means greater fuel savings and more overall efficiency.

Brent’s operator only took 2 days to be proficient and now prefers it because he can precisely hit each individual commodity weight. His nutritionist was instrumental in making the decision to purchase the Dymax Pushout Bucket. They now have the capability to alter feed recipes quickly and accurately, which has led to greater milk production, which increases profit.

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