Dymax HPX21 Excavator Tree Shear

For 25T-36T Large Hydraulic Excavators. It’s the biggest feller of them all.

The Dymax HPX21 is a powerful tree shear attachment for large excavators that is used for taking down the biggest and toughest trees on the planet. The Dymax HPX21 excavator tree shear delivers up to 100 tons of shearing force and cuts trees like a hot knife through butter. With a maximum cut capacity of 21 inches (53cm) the HPX21 can easily cut trees of all types including hardwoods. Like most Dymax Excavator Tree Shears the HPX21 features continuous blade and arm support during the cut to increase durability and performance.

  • Tree Harvesting for pulp and paper applications
  • Biomass harvesting
  • General land clearing and site cleanup
  • Roadside and Transmission Utility line right-of-way clearing
  • Railway right of way clearing
  • Hazardous fuels reduction on forested lands
  • Plantation thinning and harvesting for Eucalyptus and Acacia
  • Cut up to 21-inch diameter hardwoods
  • Continuous blade support during the cutting process
  • Strong and durable grapples enable operators to place sheared trees into collection piles
  • High-strength steel cutting arms with bolt-on replaceable 1.25in (32mm) thick cutting knives
  • Bolted head plate for changing machine connections
  • Heavy duty chrome plated shear arm pivot pin with replaceable bushings and seals
  • 100 tons of shearing force
  • 60°, 97° or 180° rotation solutions makes it possible to adjust to the tree during cutting and assists operators manipulating logs on the ground placing them into collective piles.
  • Electro-hydraulic valve with an electrical switch kit for rotation is priced separately. If you only have (1) circuit, please visit with your Dymax sales representative.
  • Spring loaded bunch & gathering arm for multi-stem clearing applications (DX-TS-FB models only)