Dymax Refuse Grapple Rakes are available for wheel and track loaders.  This attachment is ideal for large scale land clearing and waste handling applications.  Quickly stack, load and sort various materials into tub grinders or trucks or collect for burn piles.


C&D debris removal, recycling and scrap yards, disaster response and storm cleanup, forestry and land clearing, stump removal, waste management and disposal, mulch and composting.


  • T1 steel high strength tines with reinforced tine tips
  • Available with dual (RK-RFDG) or full width grapples (RFFG)
  • Models RFFG and RFDG feature larger clamp opening of 115 inches and are suited for machines weighing more than 26,000 lbs
  • Models RFSM feature smaller clamp opening of 70 inches.
  • Smooth tines with 10.5″ inch spacing on average
  • Cushion valve package for long lasting cylinder life
  • 48 inch tine length with dozer push plate

DX-RFFG and DX-RFDG Models suited for medium to large loaders

DX-RFSM – For machines 20,000-30,000 lbs operating weight