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Made in USA

Rollout Buckets for Wheel Loaders and Toolcarriers

High Dump Rollout Buckets

Dymax High Dump Roll Out Buckets are the solution to high dump clearance requirements, and are backed by the best service in the industry.

Especially popular for loading feed trucks at dairies, loading debris into tub grinders and working around landfill/transfer station applications, these high dump rollout buckets are made for wheel loaders and toolcarriers.

These buckets can be specially engineered to handle a variety of materials, making it the ideal tool for applications where material type, density and abrasiveness may vary, such as landfills and recycling centers.

Dymax High Dump Roll Out Buckets incorporate a single, vertically-mounted dump cylinder, which significantly improves the ratio of cylinder stroke to dump motion. It also reduces metal fatigue found on roll out buckets with floor pockets and two bottom-mounted dump cylinders.



Model No. Description Weight (lbs) Weight (kgs)
DX-BK-RO-3.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 3.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 3,600 1,633
DX-BK-RO-3.50cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 3.50 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 3,750 1,701
DX-BK-RO-4.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 4.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 3,900 1,769
DX-BK-RO-4.50cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 4.50 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 4,350 1,973
DX-BK-RO-5.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 5.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 5,000 2,268
DX-BK-RO-5.50cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 5.50 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 5,220 2,368
DX-BK-RO-6.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 6.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 5,450 2,472
DX-BK-RO-6.50cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 6.50 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 5,800 2,631
DX-BK-RO-7.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 7.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 6,000 2,722
DX-BK-RO-7.50cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 7.50 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 6,600 2,994
DX-BK-RO-8.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 8.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 6,800 3,084
DX-BK-RO-9.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 9.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 7,100 3,221
DX-BK-RO-10.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 10.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 7,800 3,538
DX-BK-RO-11.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 11.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 8,250 3,742
DX-BK-RO-12.00cyd-WL Bucket - Roll-Out - 12.00 cyd capacity - Wheel Loader 8,800 3,992

Specifications (standard models)
Cylinder Bore (In.)
Cylinder Rod Diameter (In.)
Cylinder Stroke (In.)
Moldboard Thickness (In.)
3/16, 3/8, 1/2
Bolt-on Cutting Edge
OEM or Dymax
Wear Pads
Standard Bolt-on


Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • For wheel loaders and toolcarriers.
  • Can be ordered for specific material types and special applications.
  • Equipped with OEM or Dymax bolt-on cutting edges.
  • Available in a variety of widths, and in capacities up to 12 cubic yards.
  • Open bucket design for easy loading and rollout.
  • Grapples are available, and are ideal for recycling centers and landfill/transfer station applications.  Capacity is reduced when using grapples on rollout buckets.


Dymax Rollout Bucket with GrapplesHigh Dump Rollout BucketsHigh Dump Rollout BucketsHigh Dump Rollout BucketsRollout Buckets for Wheel LoadersDymax Rollout Bucket



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Form No. 2151
Rollout Buckets work with most Wheel Loaders and Toolcarriers, made by Bobcat, Case, Caterpillar (Catepillar, Cat), JCB, John Deere, Komatsu, Pettibone and Volvo

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