From the Driver’s Seat!

From Maine, Darrell Curtis is in the driver’s seat operating his Cat 305.5. He gives us a great view of his task at hand and the Dymax Tree Shear that is getting the job done!





Big rains bring big problems!

From Huntsville Texas!    “A bit too muddy to be clearing trees.” – Adam L.

Bunk Sweep is no Match for Fallen Snow

Snow has already fallen in some parts of the country and feeding cattle becomes more important than ever. Having the right equipment to be sure everything runs smoothly is a top priority at feed yards, ranches and farms around the country.

Here is Dymax’s Feed Bunk Sweeper in action under snowy conditions. Be ready, the snow will be headed your way soon enough.








Loaded and Ready to Go!

Loaded and ready to go, the Dymax Rollout Bucket is headed to Custom Poultry.
These Rollout Buckets can be found at

Why are Dymax tree shears a cut above the rest?

Three reasons:
• Cut more trees.
• Cut harder woods.
• Cut ground level.
Tree Shears Group Shot

Dymax Tree Shears at Work

Dymax Tree Shears at work in Atchinson Kansas. Performance that takes on the toughest trees and gets the job done!
A little side note: Atchison, Kansas is the birthplace of Amelia Earhart, the world’s most famous aviatrix.