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Growing up as a Balderson in the small town of Wamego meant that you spent your formative years surrounded by snow plows, buckets, blades, all types of work tools. So, not surprisingly by the year 2018, as a fourth generation Balderson, Scott is the President and top designer of innovative, problem solving Dymax work tools for the Ag, Mining, Construction, Forestry and Rail markets.
Here’s Scott at the World Ag Expo in California a couple decades ago.



The Dymax Vortex Brushcutter is the toughest, best engineered brush cutter for skid steer loaders. Equipped with a heavy-duty drive spindle, the Vortex delivers knockout blows to heavy duty brush and small trees. Available with a 70 or 80 inch cutting width, depending on your machine width. The Vortex is not your ordinary mower attachment, as it’s geared towards higher end performance and delivers more power.

Equipped with an open end frame design, the Vortex Brushcutter cuts the material before it encounters the deck. This allows for faster cleanout and recycle times while driving the skid loader forward.

You’ll be blown away!

Just this week, we caught the Kansas Dept. Wildlife and Parks using the Dymax Vortex Brushcutter, making easy access to favorite fishing spots.

Dymax work tools are on the move!

Paul Tosh, Dymax employee, helps load a Dymax Railway Clam Bucket and Rail Rider for Western Railroad Builders.

Dymax , The Fast Track to Unlimited Access!

For over four decades, The Western Railroad Builders has been meeting the needs of private and public business sectors by providing high-quality railroad construction and maintenance services.

Throwback Thursday!

Rolling down main street of Wamego, Kansas!

Steep Incline Dymax Blade Match of the Year!

U-Blade vs the Bowldozer Blade

LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Good day and welcome to this afternoon’s match which promises to be a classic in every sense of the word. In the black corner, weighing in at 11000 lbs. and is the undisputed Bowldozer Blade….. and in the yellow corner weighing in at 8500 lbs. is the U-Blade…….

The bowldozer will have an additional challenge as he pushes up steeper hills due to his weight. Sudden inclines are suited better for a U-Blade. So, in the match, the U-blade has the advantage as they both procure a sharp incline. Can the Bowldozer Blade push through?

The Bowldozer, has been ideal for Slot Dozing in reclamation applications. In the past these blades found their way into coal piles and chip piles. They have been known to operate like a Chip Scoop type of product for wheeled machines.

I want a good clean match you two. Good luck to you both.

(bell rings)

California Beau Rush!

Beau Huscher, Dymax Sales Representative, is in the great state of California this week. He is visiting dealers that represent the critical markets that work tools define, which are Agriculture, Construction and Forestry.

He will electrify the dealers with talk of our incredible hand-forged attachments, such as our tree shears, roll out and push out buckets; plus blades, grapples and forks.

Flashback Thursday – Push Out Buckets

Dymax received the “TOP 10 NEW PRODUCT” award at the World Ag Expo in 2005! The new product that was featured was the Dymax PUSH OUT BUCKET!

The Dymax push out style buckets feature a hydraulically-driven ram that ejects the material from the bucket, avoiding the dump cycle of standard buckets, which makes Dymax an innovator in the work tool bucket marketplace.

Dymax Tree Shear Testing at Frankfort

Our design and production leadership team recently traveled 35 miles north of Dymax headquarters in Wamego Kansas to the little town of Frankfort, Kansas.

Job at hand, was to test the cutting performance of our single bevel knives and double bevel knives with our tough, Dymax 14” tree shears with a double grapple. We put the shears and grapple to the test that day and these work tools continue to amaze us by outperforming our expectations.

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Dymax History 2

Dymax Hydraulic Quick Couplers

Hydraulic Quick Couplers


Dymax Hydraulic Quick Couplers for Caterpillar wheel loaders build upon a 50 year heritage of building the toughest, longest lasting coupler systems. Get a real Balderson built coupler and see the difference.