This is the season of twinkling lights!
Here at Dymax, our lights are defined by the artistic flare of our talented welders!

Dymax Customer Vacations in Mexico

Mark Royer at Royer Brothers Tree Service in Kansas has been using the Dymax 18″ Excavator Tree Shear during the past few months. He has found that this shear has improved his efficiency so much that he has time to vacation in Mexico.

Savings and more savings!!

Dymax Pushout Buckets!
Saves in fuel, time and commodities!

Check it out!

Now that is BIG!!!

Building Blades at Dymax! This image says it all… there’s no job too big for the incredible Dymax team!

Check out our blades at:

Happy Thanksgiving

Dairies Appreciate the Durability of Dymax Buckets

Cloverdale Dairy in California is using Dymax Light Materials Buckets over a competitor’s brand because they expect longevity and durability in this type of bucket.
The dairy industry is very demanding work, thus extremely hard on equipment. Dymax is always the solution every time!

Dyamax Hay Squeeze

Dymax Hay Squeeze takes a moment of down-time before it’s back in the saddle again.  Reliable and doing its job at the Hamstra Dairy in Tulare, CA.


Celebrating “All Hallows’ Eve!”

From the Driver’s Seat!

From Maine, Darrell Curtis is in the driver’s seat operating his Cat 305.5. He gives us a great view of his task at hand and the Dymax Tree Shear that is getting the job done!