Throwback Thursday

Even back in the 60’s Dymax shipped blades and other attachments around the world.
Today we do the same, from the dealer just down the road to land clearing companies in New Zealand, we build what is needed.

Remembrance 9/11

Dairies and Dymax

Dairies across the country count on Dymax for a healthier bottom line.

Our line of work tool attachments, especially our Pushout Buckets, will make sure your feed ingredients are measured accurately, making for healthier cows and milk production.

See us at the WORLD DAIRY EXPO, Booth 148.


Throwback Thursday!

The Balderson U-Blades got the job done in the 1960’s. Today the legacy continues with Dymax Blades and it selection of tough U-Blades. Visit DYMAXINC.COM

Mark your calendar and come see us at the World Dairy Expo!

Join us at the World Dairy Expo this year!

October 2-6 Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin

We will be featuring our PUSHOUT BUCKET!

  • Reduces feed or materials overages by up to 5%.
  • Decreases loading times, which reduces fuel consumption.
  • Near accurate mix ratio for your dairy cows.
  • Reduces maintenance on equipment.
  • Delivers added reach and provides hi-dump performance.

On the Road Again!

Beau Huscher, Regional Sales Manager, will be hitting the road this week and visiting dealers, feed yards and dairies throughout Iowa!

A top priority is to share the unique features of the DYMAX PUSHOUT BUCKETS and ROLLOUT BUCKETS!

Keep in mind Dymax work tools include blades, shears, sweeps, forks and so much more.


Healthier Bottom Line

Discover the advantage of EFFICIENCY with Dymax work tool attachments!

From innovative pushout buckets to tough, durable blades, the Dymax brand has proven to SAVE TIME, which calculates to a HEALTHIER BOTTOM LINE for our customers.

Coal Bowldozers_1

Log and Lumber Forks with Top Clamps 3

Stop Replacing Pins and Bushings!

Do you find yourself constantly replacing pins, bushings, all kinds of parts for your loader arms due to the constant shaking being done when using conventional buckets?

If yes, then check out the Dymax Pushout Buckets! This style of bucket features a hydraulically-driven ram that ejects the material from the bucket, avoiding the dump cycle of standard buckets and the hard-to-control rollout cycle of rollout buckets. They reduce loader lift arm and bucket fatigue.



Big Dymax Blade at Work

Thank you Kevin Shipley from Nutrien in White Springs, Florida for sharing images of a DYMAX BLADE at work!

“The blade was installed late last week and went to work.  I observed it in the clearing environment today and as hoped the dozer can carry the full 22-foot width of material without issue. It kept pace with the other machines, pushing parallel to it.  Operator feedback is positive.”

Visiting New Heights Dairy in Rice, Minnesota

Recently, we spoke to the owner, Brent Czeck, of New Heights Dairy in Rice, Minnesota.  Here are some of his thoughts concerning the DYMAX PUSHOUT BUCKETS.

  • Feed overages went from $9250 to $2000 monthly.
  • Was worried about initial investment of the pushout bucket, but it paid for itself after 3 months.
  • Worried about operator not liking the pushout bucket, but now he prefers it.
  • Cycle times have decreased, which means greater fuel savings and more overall efficiency.

Brent’s operator only took 2 days to be proficient and now prefers it because he can precisely hit each individual commodity weight. His nutritionist was instrumental in making the decision to purchase the Dymax Pushout Bucket. They now have the capability to alter feed recipes quickly and accurately, which has led to greater milk production, which increases profit.